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upper marlboro

Case Study: Educational Dryer Vent Project in Upper Marlboro, MD!

Dryer Vent Project: Upper Marlboro, MD!

Case Study: 303

This is an educational opportunity to delve into the nuances and insights our technicians tackle daily! You see, there is a lot of misinformation and lack thereof when it comes to interior home care. We personally spend a lot of time tending to all of the visible, every day use areas of our home. For most people, if it's out of sight, it's out of mind! Busy work days can also tend to push the interior work of our home to the backburner of priorities. A lot of what we construct in this world can be oddly enough compared to a human body for analogy. A car has 4 wheels for mobility, air filters, consumes fuel to continue pushing forward, etc. Your home isn't just a plain box, it has pipes for water access, lines for electricity, filters and ducts in HVAC for clean air, exhausts to expel, etc. You wouldn't ever leave your exhausts neglected for years at a time, would you?

Air duct vents and even more so Dryer vent exhausts, need annual to bi-annual attention at a MINIMUM! When exhausts are clogged, pressure can build up and cause further internal damage, as well as create a very real fire hazard that is completely preventable!

We had arrived on site to our clients home within our lovely neighborhood in 20772! Our stellar technician lead, Charles, was ready to discuss the steps and nuances that he was ready to handle considering the location and conversation with our customer support team. Although the dryer vent was easily accessible from the inside, a major issue was noticed regarding the Bird Guard, as it was visibly clogged! Heat, moisture, and pressure can eventually build up, and it was a great decision to have us come with our tools and ladder to safely yet efficiently, clear the blockage! These homeowners were also very intelligently in the know to have a bird guard already previously installed that just needed its annual maintenance~

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