Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent

Case Study: Dryer Vent Cleaning Anecdote in Columbia, MD

CASE STUDY: Our Dryer Vent Cleaning services in Columbia, MD!

It is largely recommended to have your Dryer Vents serviced annually, in lieu of recent studies linking this as a leading cause of home fires.

    We love our first time customers! Being a new homeowner, there are a lot of things that may be new and unexpected to handle! If you've always had your laundry done by another company, or at a laundromat, you may be unaware of the maintenance necessary for this elaborate blessing of a unit! The lint filter is not enough to capture all of the debris that is let off during a drying cycle. 

    Upon receiving the call, we swiftly arrived on site to a beautiful two-story home in the heart of Columbia, MD! We were kindly greeted by our lovely client couple and began to discuss the layout of the dryer vent set up so we could get to work right away! We were informed that their dryer had been taking at least 2 cycles to finally dry a single load of laundry, and we know its a tell-tale sign of a deeper issue! Often times this is the sign of a blockage, when it accumulates to a critical mass, all of that heat and humidity can create pressure and a fire hazard that we've seen on the news time and time again. 

Home Dryer Fire Statistics, June 2020

    Their keen attention to detail and sense of responsibility to have this looked at instead of put off for later was an amazing decision! Not only did this decision help avoid an unnecessary fire hazard in the home, its saving a lot more money annually in electricity since the dryer is left working efficiently as ever after we're done! 

    Our veteran technician, Eddie, scaled his ladder to inspect the exhaust vent from the dryer, and used our top of the line, customized equipment in order to clear out the length of the vent from all of the lint and dust that had accumulated over the years! It was truly eye opening and an amazing educational experience for a new home owner to witness. You could create a comfy pillow from all the lint that was extracted! We Thank you for choosing us, and happy to have had the privileges to service such a witty and welcoming family!



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