Pet Dander in Air Ducts

pet dander

Shedding Season!

Our Pets are our family members too! How can we manage their shedding with grooming?

Tips to manage shedding

Various dog breeds shed heavily at least twice a year! As much as we love and couldn’t stand a day without them, they do need a healthy amount of attention and maintenance as well! Pets shedding requires brushing their coats regularly, and is a great way to catch all of their fur in a session. It’s better than waiting for it to float throughout the house during playtime and lounging around. It’s great for their skin and undercoat!

Frequent vacuuming and sweeping is also critical. If a lot of fur accumulates, it can eventually be picked up by your HVAC system as it gets stirred up with dust to the filters. Just how your shower can clog with a lot of hair, pet fur accelerates how fast your HVAC filters can be clogged! Not only can this affect your Air Duct systems, it can tumble in with clothes in your washer and Drying units as well.

Pets shedding dander can also produce allergic reactions for our respiratory systems. Even if you’re not initially allergic to it, prolonged exposure mixed with dust can create conditions for you to become allergic over time. Pet dander is completely natural and a part of owning a pet, but with responsible methods, precautions, and attention to detail, you can prevent the downsides and keep everyone in your family fully healthy and safe! Routine maintenance of your home doesn’t just end at routine sweeping and cleaning, at some point your Air Ducts and Dryer Vents need some attention as well (Annually to Bi-Annually).

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