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Keeping Your Family Safe with a UV Light in Your HVAC

UV Light technology can help Keep Your Family Safe, and HVAC system optimized!

Written by: Zev Gotkin

As businesses begin to reopen and life begins to return to some version of “normal,” homeowners and businesses are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of infection from COVID-19. To kill a virus, a cleaning just won’t cut it. For this reason, Germicidal UV lights are being used increasingly for their effectiveness in killing airborne microscopic contaminants. 

A necessary and vital component of a proper COVID-19 response is administering a deep and thorough cleaning to your air ducts. According to both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), airborne viruses and other pollutants have the ability to spread through a building’s air vents, which means having them cleaned should be high on your list of priorities. 

But, while a standard air duct cleaning removes mold, dirt, and debris, which makes for cleaner air and reduces the spread of pollutants and allergens, such as pollen, a cleaning alone cannot kill viruses or other microbes which may enter the air duct. Air condition filters also don’t have the ability to filter out airborne viruses. These airborne contaminants can first enter and get trapped within your air ducts. Your vented HVAC system then creates air currents that have the ability to spread viral particles even further. Because your central heating and cooling system recirculate the air, germs within your air ducts can spread throughout your entire home. This makes for a difficult challenge, and an increased health risk, during the hot summer months when your property’s ACs are on full-blast.

To be sure, a routine cleaning is important and beneficial for overall health. However, additional measures must be taken to eliminate airborne microbes, such as Coronavirus, which may be lurking in your ducts and vents. 

For this reason, businesses and consumers are increasingly adopting germicidal UV lights as a solution. 

How does a UV light work?:

A UV light kills microorganisms like Coronavirus without the need for dangerous chemicals. Used in hospitals since the late 19th century to kill bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses, UV light has proven effective at eliminating germs and improving indoor air quality.

At Safe House, we utilize the Green UV G-500, a state-of-the-art germicidal UV light for HVAC coils, which kills microorganisms that enter through your air ducts. 

You cannot put a price on safety or protecting the lives of your loved ones. If you’re having your air ducts cleaned, or even if you recently had them cleaned, consider installing a UV light in your HVAC to kill all the germs and prevent the spread of infection in your home.


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