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How can I prepare for an Air Duct Cleaning appointment?

If you've never cleaned your air duct before, you may be wondering if you need to do anything prior to the appointment to prepare. We often get this question from first time homeowners who are getting their vents cleaned for the first time. We've put together some common points we've come across over the last 10 years that we have been in the business. 

  • PETS: If you have any pets in the house, we want to make sure they are safe throughout the cleaning process. We love your pets but its best to keep them secure in a single room so they dont get scared and dont get hurt while we are working through out the house. When setting up the appointment, please let us know there are pets in the home so we can notate and prepare accordingly. 
  • MOVING FURNITURE: Generally, we do not move any furniture in your home, to minimize the chance of damage. If any of the vents are being blocked by furniture, just clear the space around it so we can have access while cleaning.
  • OPEN, CLEAR SPACE: If there is a lot of clutter, boxes or stuff in the walk ways of the home, moving our vacuum hose throughout the home becomes an issue. It does not need to be completely clear, but we would just need to be able to move around comfortably with the equipment. 
  • STAY OR LEAVE? : You can absolutely stay in your home or leave the premises, however you are comfortable. However, we would definitely need the owner present at the start of the work so we can do a walk through and confirm the exact scope of work. Duct cleaning is a bit noisy, as the vacuum has a dual motor running throughout. IF you are working from home or have children around, you may want to consider a room with a closed door to not be interrupted. 

More importantly, be sure to speak with the technician and have them explain exactly what they are doing during the duct cleaning process! If you have any questions ASK! We want to be sure you know what is being done in your home and to be sure you are fully satisfied with the cleaning of your air vents.

Do you any questions about the process or preparations needed ? Give us a call at (240) 308-6444! We are always ready to help!

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